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Math whiz Lily Serna is a mathematician with an unrivalled passion for education, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Advocacy. 

She's a data analyst at the enterprise software company, Atlassian, specialising in building mathematical and statistical models. But is likely best known for her professional media host work including the resident Numbers Expert on SBS's Letters and Numbers with David Astle and Richard Morecroft. She's the co-host of SBS's Destination Flavour and was recently featured on ABC’s Catalyst in February 2018.


Lily on Letters & Numbers(SBS)

Lily on Letters & Numbers(SBS)

Lily was the host of a 6-part international podcast created by GE Australia titled Decoding Genius which investigated the lives of six young geniuses and has also hosted a recent promotional campaign for PwC, the world's second largest professional services firm, encouraging students to participate in their summer graduate program. 

Lily is also likely the only professional mathematician to be featured in Australian Vogue.

She has sat on the Board of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute for four years. In 2012 she was appointed Numeracy Ambassador for National Literacy and Numeracy Week. 

Lily has also published a maths puzzle book named Lily's Numbers Puzzles.

She completed a Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance and a Bachelor of International Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney in 2009. Lily also did an Honours year with a first-class thesis in Mathematics, with applications in Biology. 

Her passion for numbers is unrivalled and contagious and as a speaker she's certain to inspire.